IMG_4039This was 9:20 AM. The rarest thing I’ve seen in my life here in NYC. Every day I’ve come to my financial district office to wait on the telecommute plan to be updated, officially reinstated today. I’ve worn sneakers every day, my hair is either in a curly bun or left out, the least I can do for my face is ensure I’m moisturized, and I actually brought tea to work every day (again). I totally forgot to give the breakfast cart guy $20 (that’s how he makes a living) this morning but the lord understood my heart. I’ve walked the slowest I’ve ever walked to the train leaving work every evening since Monday.

People are much gentler, a man just randomly said “God Bless you”, lord knows I needed a random blessing. I’m on my way home to finally cook dinner after weeks of avoiding the kitchen for no reason but laziness. I might finish the first bottle of wine out of four with the salmon I may cook tonight. Don’t worry, I’ve been prepared for this because some of us are just raised differently (canned food and Dettol til my last days).

I’m officially hosting tequila and rant nights in my house with some of my friends (less than 5 people) since it seems like we are all going through something? Yes, it’s a question because I’m still trying to define what I’m going through, I’ll expound on that later. Are y’all watching “This is Us”? No spoilers but I once had a Randall and lord knows that man needs therapy, I understand the savior shit but I love him so much I want him to do better! Let’s spoil it in the comments I suppose.

I’m prepping for my first telecommute day and since it’s a nice day tomorrow I want to go see my parents but unsure if I should since I’ve been in the public & riding public transportation – ie: possibly exposed. I don’t have any symptoms; I should’ve said that first. With all the chaos happening this is the calmest I’ve ever been in weeks, and in my city. Let’s see how I’ll survive this stay at home thing, I actually need to reorganize my home, make good use of my time – I hope no one I work with ever sees this, but I ain’t scared of nobody! Lol.

How y’all doing?

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  1. At the time of reading this, it’s going on three weeks of working remotely for me and as with most things, WFH has its benefits and drawbacks but the benefits far outweigh the cons. I’m so much more productive working from home and it’s nice not having to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to catch trains and buses to work. And I need to get in on those tequila/rant nights because I got a few good rants I need to get off my chest! That’s a really good idea. Hope you’re taking care of yourself. 🙂


      1. Same, I’m loving WFH—I don’t ever want to go back to the office. I’ll let you know for real. We can FaceTime or Zoom. 🙂


      2. Look, if this tequila & rant FT call hasn’t happened yet, hit a sista up. I live 6 minutes from a liquor store and they do order ahead! I won’t be looking anything like my insta though! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well.


      3. Girl definitely should do a zoom Tequila & Rant! I’m ashamed to say that I stocked up on wine right before the shut down, so whatever you have at home will work! But we should link up soon!


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