They said I would lose sleep since the time changed, NOPE! I’ve had the unwanted pleasure of waking up at 6:30 AM for the last two weeks; including weekends and nights I take sleep aids. Although I have something very important to write and submit, I wanted to chat a little on the blog today. The previous post tells you enough about “what the hell is going on?”; trying to think ahead, since I spend most of my quiet time dwelling about my new normal and what I should had done differently.

As I rise with the sun, I’m reminded that I have another day to look forward to and that it will get better. The temperature is getting warmer (it wasn’t as cold as it needs to be during the winter season– lord help us humans) so I am taking a ride on my bike a little later to ride out the troubles.

Amongst other things, there is positive news about a couple of things. I need confirmation for two, I’ve been watching the mail like a mad woman, and the freedom I feel is like no other for one of them (I think I’m almost open to talk about this one, it’s a money conversation – I’ll explain soon), I tell ya thy lord works in mysterious ways!

What will you conquer today?

Published by Amanda

She Came | She Saw | She Conqured

What have you Conqured today?

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