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I am sitting at my desk (at home) in hopes that I’ll tired myself out enough that my sleep is infant like while sipping water with a cloth mask on my face that I truly believe is a waste of my time and money. Yup, its officially after midnight so that’s what my Saturday night looked like.

Check my personal page or tagged photos on my personal IG for this random rant that I decided to leave in the caption section of my post about my feelings (because I am not resharing here). Ironically, everyone chose to focus on the part about my “skin”. I think I have a lot to say about the comments, but I won’t say for the sake of people genuinely caring about me and my feelings but PLEASE STOP TRYING TO SPEAK FOR MY EXPERIENCE, it’s not yours and that is all.

I’m not down but I am over it. I’m back into planning my escape from the east coast and can’t help but want to book another trip somewhere to distract myself until I can manifest this move. It’s so real that I re-budgeted my savings plan, started hunting for HR reps in my “new” city, and mapping areas that I may want to live. It’s just time. More to come on this topic somewhere in December of 2020 – don’t ask because I am not sharing before then.

This eagerness to get out of NY has put me on a health & purge kick, I just want better & organized! I’m not asking for too much right? I’m shredding papers and re-organizing my apartment every two minutes because it’s the only thing I can think to do. Smoothies happen to be my go-to beverage besides seltzer water. I’m cooking again (I think). I now have a workout schedule because I cannot afford to buy new clothes with my plan. See! I AM SERIOUS.

More to share……. at another time.

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3 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I just want to say that you are beautiful. Every part of you. I feel like people tend to focus on the easiest parts of what makes you YOU. It’s so much easier to point out the positive so that you can continue to ignore the flaws. I wish more people took the time to have real conversations and to show that we are real people, each with our own struggles.

    I appreciate you! I appreciate this! Continue to speak and live your truth. That is something that no one can take away from you. As far as life changes… You just have to do you. Do what makes you happy.


  2. The whole purge and cleaning process is it’s own form of therapy for me. It helps me to shift my focus to what I can control versus what I can’t. And minimalism always keeps me grounded and centered. I think I purge on a monthly basis in hopes that I can finally get rid of all the stuff that I haven’t used or that no longer serves me any purpose. (or sparks joy.. s/o to my good sis Marie)


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