We were, and will always be

IMG_2620His smile was big, and his snicker was soft as we watched a big brother walking with his younger siblings’ home after picking up a pizza for dinner. He said that he loved children and would have more. However, as he snickered, he shared that his wife told him that he can more with another woman. Eight children were the number of children they raised together but birthed three. Two children they adopted after their parents were killed in an auto accident, their three, and another three that would be living with them on and off for almost 15 years once they relocated to the US from Fiji.

He spoke proudly of his daughters whom relocated to continue their careers as doctors and that due to their cultural custom after marriage, woman relocate to be where their husbands were. His sons were doctors as well and his youngest boy was still with home attending UCLA. He shared the story of how the other three children came about and how it was all his wife. He spoke of her greatness, her kindness, how she chose to help everyone, her love for her children, and his love for her.

Propped up on the dash board was his phone. Brightly lit was a picture of him and his wife.  I knew it wasn’t a screen saver but assumed he loved the picture until he said she had recently passed. I shared my condolences and I asked when was his last visit to Fiji? Just three weeks ago, when he buried his wife. Before we stopped, he said that he always lived in California and that they were supposed to return to Fiji after their youngest finished school. Immediately you saw he was reminded that she was gone.

We take love for granted, especially when love is genuine and pure. I pray to love the way he continues to love and honor his wife even in death. If I ever wanted to know what forever looked like, I saw it last night. He knew they were and will always be.

Love conquers.

Published by Amanda

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One thought on “We were, and will always be

  1. Such a beautiful recount. I’ve been guilty of taking things for granted, but this is something I’m actively working on. It’s a constant struggle every day, but when I think about one day not being with my soon-to-be husband or my children, I’m humbled rather quickly.

    I’m truly hoping this man is at peace. But it sounds like he is. Blessings to you for being a listening ear. I’m sure that helped him tremendously.


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