My absence is a result of simply not making time for this space. I can say that a lot was going on before this post but not much of anything that I couldn’t stop by to say a word or two. Like check-in, complain about the same shit that everyone complains about, talk about the political climate like I care, or talk about the things I promised myself that I would separate myself from that clearly I haven’t, and yes all of the above could had been said since my last post but I simply did not make time.

As I sit on my couch typing this, I reflect on the year really coming to a close. Last year this time, I was on this couch but in a different space. I was fighting with my emotions, was in therapy crying my eyes out, arguing with my parents, confused about the space I was in with the love of my life, and little did I know that God was lining me up for the year I had.

2017 was good to me.

I gained weight but I’m happy. I speak to my parents because I just cannot control some things with them so trial or tribulation it is, my job is trash but it’s preparing me for my next career move, I’d like to go back to therapy in the new year but I’m grateful because last year’s therapy saved me, and the love of my life is still the love of my life just with more clarity (no fairytale there).

This isn’t my close out post, merely reflecting in this moment.

Let’s catch up, what’s happening? Have you reflected on your year yet?

Published by Amanda

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