Time: 11:36 AM

Doing: Filling in my calendar, breaking down my bills for the new month approaching and HW.

Eating: Nothing but I am hungry.

Should be: Returning a call but I’ll get to it after I’m finished with my homework.

Feeling: Distracted by my over processed thoughts.

Would like: To getaway for the weekend, will check for flights as soon as I finish this assignment and return this call. Doesn’t hurt to lurk a little, right?

Anticipating: My fitness goals for October. Yup this shit again.

Missing: A lot of things.

Published by Amanda

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3 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I need to get back into writing things don especially down in my calendar or planner of some sort maybe my thoughts would’t be so scrambled as well.


  2. I use to be great at remembering things. But I’ve been using an organizer for some time now because my memory evades me. It’s convenient and less stressful using one though.


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