NY to MD

July was a cool month. A little travel here and there but worth it. Simply enjoying the sun hit my skin is all I need to enjoy the summer. This month was filled with amazing events in New York City. Many that I missed because of last minute planning with other events and vice versa. Wish I were cloned so I could be in multiple places at once. Here are a few things I was able to capture a moment of in July.



The Curly Girl Collective’s CURLFEST 2017 was AMAZING. I wasn’t able to lounge for long but it was fun for the time being. I call it black girl appreciation day. All that melanin in one place was pure LOVE.  Besides the NSBE conference I attended a few years ago, and Essence street style block party, CURLFEST was out here in Brooklyn creating melanin memories. It’s great to have such representation. One of the best moments for me was seeing daughters and their mothers, young girls need to see how we come in all shades and what we represent. I’ll be there next year prepared with a cooler filled with water, wine, and food.



So, I went on a boat. My big little brother turned 30 this year and his fiancé surprised him with a private chartered boat ride on the Potomac River in Maryland. I played hooky from work, because I needed the break anyway, jumped on the bus to DC, seen the trash white house, took an Uber to the port where I almost got kidnapped (for another day), played my role in the surprise, drove back to MD to eat cake, and went home the next morning. I’m slowly loving Maryland more and more each visit.



My apartment is my safe place. It’s warm, welcoming, and I keep it super clean. My week was rough due to a schedule change that threw off my sleep pattern and the regular work day drama that was unnecessary. I’m trying to learn how to ignore my work woes but that shit is hard. Since June, I had gone out almost every weekend and my body was begging me to take a break.  I’ve been in my house for two days straight despite the quick trips to Harlem for errands or dinner, but it was the best two days I had spent in my house in a long time. Me time is SELF CARE TOO.

As the month of July comes to a close, I’m gearing up for August, the last month of summer. Besides the cold draft that may come in around the second week of September, the fall semester of school will start and I’ll be consumed in that which usually ends summer for me. I’m super excited to check off one of my major long/short term goals that has been haunting me for almost 5 years. I might just cry when the transaction is processed. I promised myself that I’ll be more lively in August because I deserve. I might do some solo dinners or find the bravery to call up some old friends and spend time. Which ever feels right to do, I will do so then.

How did July treat you?


4 thoughts on “NY to MD”

  1. I want to attend Curl-fest! But… I’m not a curly girl lol. A bunch of natural friends said it was a blast, but I feel like I’d stick out like a sore thumb.


  2. So i’m reading the part about you spending two whole days at home and i am literally feeling all the good vibes through the screen. Being cozy in your own space is THEE ABSOLUTE BEST.



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