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Baltimore, Maryland
Gassed up my sister’s car, picked up her best friend and the other love of my life (God son), jumped on the 95 and headed to Maryland for the weekend. Maryland make’s me happy. There’s a serenity that’s in Maryland that I can not find in New York, maybe because I hear the train all day and night, so when in Maryland I enjoy the chirping of the birds.

I love the sight of grass and blooming trees. Maryland gave me all of that. New State coming 2018/2019, as soon as I’m finished with New York, I’m going to pack my life and GO!
We ate crab cakes and slumbered in the living room while watching game 4 of the NBA finals Friday night. Woke up Saturday morning and watched cartoons with my niece and god son. It’s fascinating to watch the crap that is on television for children, lets just say our cartoons were better and I do not watch TV often. We then got the kiddies dressed and headed to Baltimore for lunch because we left the house late we were unable to drive out to Washington, D.C. Sunday, my niece was baptized and our newly blended family barbecued at my brother’s in laws home. We ate, shared laughs, spoke of our recent experiences, and in private conversations shared the things that were on our hearts. Such a great time with friends and family.
So far, summer is coming along well.
For all my DMV blogger family, why didn’t y’all share how amazing mambo sauce is?

How was your weekend?

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