Nouvelle Année

This year started way better than it did last year. I was in between tears, frustrated with my job, was ready to be on my own, I was in my feelings over my ex that I missed like crazy but wasn’t trying to act on my emotions because I learned that shit got neither of us anywhere but the current place we’re in right now (nowhere), and school was busting my ass. Yes, it was one of my few depressive states. I barely spoke to my friends, I sat at happy hour alone many nights because it was the only entertainment I was willing to accept. I was not a happy person at all but look how things change in just a year!   
Okay so here are the resolutions for the new year: 
Go back to the gym
Read 5 books
Go on an international vacation 
Buy more art for my apartment 
Take 5 national trips (The Bay, Chicago, New Orleans, ATL, Texas) 
Buy myself something really nice 
I’m entering a new journey this year. I start my new job tomorrow, I’m anticipating my submission for graduation in a few months, and all the amazing things that God has for me! I’m praying for good health and to see year 28 in April. I’ve been praying.

Do you do resolutions? If so what’s on the agenda? 

What have you Conquered today?

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