End of an Era : Non- Profit

Most people leave work at exactly 5:00 pm or scheduled time on their last day of work but today I choose to stay a few more hours. Just in case there were anymore goodbye’s and I’ll miss you’s.
I cleaned my desk, left my keys, and left at approximately 7:45 pm. Now that I am taking mass transit, the weather feels different when you’re not driving. In route to train, I became emotional.  
In that moment I felt fear, happiness, sadness, and relief.
Fear of the new position that I will be starting in January because it’s just different.
Happiness because I am on the path that I’ve worked extremely hard to get to. 
Sad because I made connections with the families and I had also changed lives. I will be changes lives again by leaving and a huge part of me wishes I didn’t have to, but I do.
Relief from all the stressors involving the uncertainty of the company. I’m free.
I’m currently in my apartment dreading that I’ll have to pack and move again on Monday because GOD just placed a new housing opportunity in my hands that I needed! Y’all don’t even know the joy that is in my heart. Back to the city I go!

Cheers to the tears.

Published by Amanda

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