Rediscovering Peace : Reliving experiences

Paris 2014

My cousin and I happen to be living the same situation in some sorts and decided that we needed a little fun. We RSVP’d for Essence Street Style Block party, dressed up, and jumped on the D train to Brooklyn.

 “Our people” are amazing, and don’t let anyone tell you different, we are some pretty people for real. Food trucks, vendors, and music were everywhere. I loved seeing the parents that brought their children out to the festivities; my definition of a family day. I feel we should start early when teaching our children culture. When God blesses me with children, I will take them to events like street Style.
As we walked around the streets of Dumbo, stopped at a local sushi spot, and met up with a friend of mine. The street lights came on and we were ready to go home. So we took a stroll by Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Nostalgia kicked in and I stopped to notice the place I was in. Just a few years ago, I was there with some friends. Snapping photos and discussing life. Met a guy that spoke of Brooklyn’s outrageous gentrification and where he found most of his inspiration was in the same place we were sitting at that moment. What I had remembered the most was how happy I was. Those days were smooth. I was drama free (what I always try to be because I keep a low profile), started a new job, dated because it was fun, and I was planning my trip to Paris.
This location happened by accident this past weekend but it brought me peace. I was reminded to revisit the things that once made me happy. Since then, I’ve listened to a few songs that brought me back to good times, looked through some photos on my Mac Book of the good ol’ days, and journal about it.

I’m grateful for those moments and I will continue seeking that happiness all while planning to relive those experiences again within the next few months. I would love to jump on a plan to Paris again but the way things are going, local travels are probable.  I might make it to Ohio instead for my need of random traveling. I keep talking about moving to Ohio and my cousin insists that I visit sooner than later, so October here I come (hopefully).

Oh by the way, I’m glad I didn’t rush home because I seen Angela Simmons and I spoke to Sanya Richards Ross! HYPED! LOL
Don’t you just love random nights? 

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