I’ve been up since 5:30 AM. Tossing and turning. I kind of wish that this wasn’t happening because I work late today and this may throw me off. Maybe not, my body sometimes wakes me up early some days. I finished my homework early enough that I was able to fall asleep before 10:00 PM last night. Maybe another reason why I was up so early, or maybe GOD said it was time to talk. A little of which I did this morning. I was tired yesterday but maybe its because of the lack of energy that I have this week. It’s normal to have off weeks I guess.
I’m in a writing mood but I’m not sure what to say. I believe that I am not in the best place to express. I’m kind of drawing a blank, however, my mind is running a mile a minute. I’m taking notes in my journal, so I can look back and decide when to share, when the time is right. I’m fighting emotions and fear. I was contemplating publishing this post. Mainly for the eyes that may see this. But I promised myself some time ago that there are no secrets on this blog. I can choose to share what I want to but there are no secrets. Anything that I say will help someone. Because when I started blogging, a lot of the blogs I read helped me.
After last night’s review, I have learned that I have issues with assertiveness. There are levels to assertion. But timing is everything, its never to late to learn. What ever is happening right now is GOD’s plan. I truly believe it. The things that I am learning currently, I am very sure that I am suppose to learn them now. Something great is about to happen. The laws of attraction agree.

Staying positive

What have you Conquered today?

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