Random Thoughts

I am in my feelings. I am tired. I’ve been running since 6:45 AM. I did an entire tour of my facility in the wrong shoes. I left work to do my laundry. Went to 34th street after to pick up a package. And now I’m fighting myself to have dinner or finish my amazing bottle of wine without dinner.
But I’m having a salad and I’ll probably end up finishing the bottle between completing my HW and Chapter 7 of Year of Yes.
My coworker received edible arrangements from her “boyfriend” in prison today. LAWD. It made me realize how single I was. Two years ago I went on two dates the same night Valentine’s day. SAVAGE! Now I’m making plans on what shows to binge watch while ignoring every text message from friend to foe.
My sister tells me that our father is worried about whom I’m dating and is hoping that I am not being taken advantage of. I have no problems telling him he should have no worries. I am not dating at all. But his concerns come from a deeper place, I am his “baby”.
I want to call one of my friends to express my current annoyance with a situation that has me at level 20 but I’m caught in between “not talking” and “wanting to talk”. Its an awkward position but I’ll opt for “not talking’. I do shut down well.
My feet hurt and I wish I had male company to rub these freshly pedicured feet. But nope, I’m not talking to anyone at all. Which reminds me that maybe I should’ve waited to get my nails done because I literally have nothing to do all weekend being that my usual maintenance is done on weekends. Binge watching on Netflix it is. I have to rethink my plans to buy my “kid” some shoes this weekend due to this weather. It will be 19 degrees tomorrow and he’s 9 months, I can’t take him outside. I could but I don’t know. We’ll see.

Well I think I am done for now. Back to this wine and completion of this HW.

One thought on “Random Thoughts”

  1. Girl! I just think Valentine's Day is honestly one of those holidays that put spotlights on people who are single. I've only had a Valentine twice in my dating life so I've spent much more of them single than not, but for whatever reason this one felt so heightened to me in terms of how single I was and how single I wish I wasn't so that I can go out without that heaviness in my belly of not having anyone. But it's 24 hours, it went, and I feel better again. We don't need no edible arrangements from a guy in prison girl! We gon be alright! Lol that glass of wine sounds divine right about now.


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