The Adventurer

So for some months now, I’ve been conducting research and trying to improve myself to say the least. Examining my friendships, my relationships, my family, and trying to figure out who to completely get rid of and who to keep.
This comes from a little bit of exposure that I gained from my last relationship. I must admit, I have learned a lot being with that guy. The good, bad, and indifferent. But I can say that I have grown somewhat within myself from that relationship. I’m becoming an adult, finally. Lol
It had thought me more about the things that I am willing to accept and deny. Something I learned was that I never expressed myself when I had the opportunity to do so. Reasons why I share with you today my personality type.
Listening to one of my favorite podcast yesterday, they shared their results from this personality test. Currently studying psychology, I was aware of the science behind this research study. So I was all for taking this test.
Not to be completely accurate but there are things that ring true. For example, and will be for another post, I do not want to marry a man like my father. Mainly why I chose to date the type of men I do now. My last boyfriend is the ultimate provider type and plans, the complete opposite from my father, and planning is one of my weak points. So I seek someone who can take charge in that area. Not that I can’t plan but because of my views about the present, I sometimes don’t think towards the future. Which explains my theory on marriage? That’s for another post too. But I am going to work on my planning skills, this can improve.
Well, the relationship section is me to a T. I focus more on my partner instead of expressing my needs. I usually wait until its too late to say how I feel. Well, shit I’m learning. This is on my birthday list; I’ll sweeten someone up to buy the whole premium profile.
Take a look at my personality profile, what’s your personality type?


2 thoughts on “The Adventurer”

  1. Those are some interesting concepts. I think I know what you're talking about on not wanting to date a guy like your father, because I feel the same way. I took the personality quiz and I got “The Protagonist” personality type! haah 🙂 that was fun thank you!


  2. Isn't it cool! So glad I worked on it. I will surely work on my weaknesses. I will be sure to elaborate more on the not marrying a man like my dad! Don't get me wrong I love my dad but lord no. lol


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