Random Thoughts

Currently at work. -_- 

Forced myself to get out of bed this morning, but I made it to work a little early. Thanks to that express train to the city. My cousin’s blood pressure was through the roof and due to my anxiety, I made sure he was alive every few hours. 240/118, he has to do better. I’m probably going to try and discuss with him about having better eating habits because as my mother would say in her accent ” mi cyan badda”. 

Listening to T- pain – Can’t believe it, because that’s what is in rotation. I’ll listen to a few podcast while I complete paperwork. 

Feeling weird, Because I am in my feelings. Maybe because I am hungry and tired. Late nights, early mornings.

Anticipating my birthday in April, but I will be disappointing some people because this birthday trip may not happen. I have something that keeps resurfacing that I need to take care of immediately. It’s so important that I may not go anywhere for the next year or two. But maybe I’ll ask a few friends to have dinner with me. Something intimate, I love small dinners, gifts and flowers. I’m a sucker for flowers.

Ready for my third wheel trip to Philly. Hopefully I can get a Philly cheese steak. It’s been a long time. Hopefully we party and Rihanna – Work comes on and I can whine my hips and then go back home to sleep lol. 

Needing my roots in my life. If it weren’t for my third wheel trip to Philly this weekend, I would be in Brooklyn, dancing to old school Reggae. But I’ll be there in March for Retro Reggae first Saturday’s. There’s a few places close by me where I can get the environment and music but they’re usually hosted on Sunday’s. I need to be in bed by a certain hour. 

Hoping that I am satisfied with my grades this semester. I did well last semester but I want to ensure that I do better. These classes consist of a lot of reading. I am happy about that. I am learning. Love learning something new. I had hopes of starting my yearly reading but that may have to wait til summer due to all the reading for school. 

More about school, graduation isn’t near but I am excited and scared. I guess I want it so bad, and now that it’s near yet far, it’s bittersweet. If I continue on the track that I am on now, it will be about a year and a half from now. It’s terrifying because I know that major changes will happen once I obtain my degree. Change is scary. But it will be a milestone that I have accomplished and push me into my next big step in life, which may be moving to a new city, and starting my masters there but that’s for later conversations. 

Any random thoughts?

What have you Conquered today?

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