9:10 pm and I’m already in bed. 
Once again, I choose not to have dinner.
I thought that I would be all teary eyed today.
Not really ready to go into detail but to share a little, I had to make a decision to walk out the life of someone whom I love. I did it on Thanksgiving, which I wish I didn’t because now I’ll always remember that.
It’s been a week. Some days things are smooth, other days I am falling apart, and some nights I sleep like a baby. I am trying to hold it together which has not been easy to do.
This situation is teaching me about the things I should accept for myself. I believe that whatever is happening right now is God’s plan.
I chose to make a selfish decision but the other person had made their decision with selfish intent as well. But we are allowed to choose ourselves when it’s not fitting. I am a fairly understanding individual.
There will be more post, I am sure of this. Some might come at 4:00 am, when I can’t help but to unravel my layers.

It’s been a tough week but I made it.

Published by Amanda

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