Time Caught up with Us

Its 8:38 PM, my eyes are burning and I want to be cuddled as I sleep tonight. But unfortunately, my cuddle buddy is at work -_- . The distance from my house to his, well I want to be selfish but not tonight.
Today I said Good Bye to a friend. We cut class in high school, ate at McDonald’s when the spicy McChicken was only a $1, and we shared some fun moments.
Time caught up with us.
We separated because we became adults. She became a mother a few years later than a wife. I, continued my education and still pursing my career.
Time caught up with us.
I didn’t know she was sick. I didn’t know. I felt like I could’ve reached out. A few hello’s would’ve made the difference.
God called her home on September 5th of 2015.
Today as the pastor finished his sermon and gave his blessings, her son screamed out in pain, eyes filled with tears, he knew his mother was gone.
Time caught up with us.
I’m sorry I didn’t say Hello enough, and I wish that you knew that I would support you through this journey, you’re pain free. Your children are in my prayers.

To my dear friend, Time will allow me to see you again.

What have you Conquered today?

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