Change is hard to accept

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling rather down. I’ve recently got to a place in my life where I feel like things are coming together but afraid that something will fall apart. 

I have moments when I am completely pessimistic and moments when I am optimistic. 
Lately I’ve just been pessimistic. I have a few worries but nothing that I can not control. These unbreakable feelings currently makes me question everything. 
I could blame all my mind madness currently happening on my planning. 
Life is happening.
School is happening.
Career is happening.
Change is happening.
Financial independence is happening. 

All these things are happening amongst the other daily issues in life.

But I’m building my brand, and I’m more dedicated to more than ever before. Its time to start over and accept all the change that comes along with it.

Published by Amanda

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