For the Soul

Every now and again, my fitness journey resurfaces. I’ll get my usual pains in the side of my neck and tingling in my legs that tell my brain to run. On Sunday, I was still able get up on the Elliptical on level 16 at a speed of 12-13 until my stomach cramped. It made me feel like the world made sense again. It’s my way of fighting the frustrations of what I can not change. Thinking about the things that I can and the things I shouldn’t accept, while losing weight and keeping up healthy habits. It brings me back to a happy and familiar place when I’m in my darkest moments, like currently.

Just merely two months into a drastic change, that I some days still can not believe happened ( for another post), I find peace in killing on the Elliptical. I’d like to say its my quite moment although I am surrounded by many.

I’m glad that I can revert to something that can bring  me to a place of healing. It’s like as if it were designed for the soul.

Published by Amanda

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