Spoken Truth

I woke up this morning wearing my heart on my sleeve. And it’s clearly broken.

For once I don’t want to be strong. I want to let go of these emotions that I’ve been covering up behind my greatest feature, my smile (besides my hair). Well from today on I will cover my wounds and allow them to heal until they become scars.

The point of this is, we tend to care about what others think of us. Just a couple of weeks ago, my best friend and I were having a conversation about a friendship that I openly decided to continue although the circumstance of how it had temporally ended for the majority of the summer was one that would make you rethink the friendship. During our conversation, I had said to her that I had suspected that the person was raving to the world of my personal business I felt comfortable sharing with her. My best friend then asked me ” How can you be so nonchalant about her telling others your business?” My response was merely, “I rather people know the truth about me then a lie”.

No one should be afraid to be who they are and to hide from the truth. And today my truth is I am heartbroken and yes I will be in the gym in the morning and having ice cream later that night

Published by Amanda

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