Becoming a Minimalist

This is a mix of my apartment tour and my path to minimalism story.

If you’re a reader, you’ll know that over the last two years, I had moved from the place that I grew up aka my parents house to my own place I now call home. First, I moved into a two-bedroom apartment that I shared with my cousin. Very large bedroom, big closet, with lots of windows, but living with that man was close to HELL. I never cohabitated except for the time my ex-boyfriend allowed me to crash with him for a couple of days out the week for a few months (that was long) but even that was different although I love me some him. In these experiences, I knew I needed my own space. With an abrupt move out of my cousin’s house to being temporarily back at home, shit got real.


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Calling it HOME

So I know I need a Christmas Tree skirt, but bare with me, I just recently moved it. 
This has been one of the things that I have been keeping to myself. A lot of bad was surrounded by this move but can I tell you, I AM AT PEACE. It was one of my biggest/ hardest decisions that I had to make over the last few months. The shit that I went through, I ‘m not even going to talk it up because I’m better now. 
I will be spending my first Christmas alone, by choice, so I bought a tree to be a little in the Christmas spirit. It’s been years since I’ve had a good Christmas, so I’m going to make up for it by enjoying the blessing that are currently in front me. 
To new memories and calling it HOME
– Amanda Nicole