Cliché, a little

This post started at 12:37 pm, on the 5 train, two stops away from my destination.

The problem with October and actually posting was making time for it. 

I may have had one weekend in the entire month that I could had made time but I choose to give myself that time, and this blog isn’t for publicity so I post when I want to anyway (<- that was extra).

I’ve been dealing with a very unnerving situation at work that has me ready to light shit up but because I pray and I know my GOD has a plan for the wicked, I continue to practice minimal silence on the situation, in due time.

The good in October:



I helped a friend find his way back home. I did create a post for this but it’s a sensitive topic about adoption that I cannot put in words but wish I could. He found some of his family so far and I am grateful that I was able to be a part of this chapter is his life.


I did jump on a plane and take a secret trip again, if this looks familiar, keep it between us okay. I needed the clarity, the confirmation, the love, and the new found understanding that came from this trip, I’m happy in this area of my life and that’s it.


I Love/Hate my city. But this was taken on the 24th floor of some building close by the Brooklyn Bridge, it reminds me of why I love/hate Brooklyn, no other city can be called home like NYC for me, and I cannot wait to finally plan visits here, new city coming June/July 2018.

About November:

I finished my no meat diet for the month of October and my damn anemia was kicking my ass because of the low iron, but I feel lighter. So, I will enjoy meat this month, I’ve yet to have anything even though we’re one day in.

I get a weekend off and will be re-planning my life for the next couple of months.

I am planning something special for my love muffin and I feel like a 20-year-old girl who met her first love, how cute right? I just adore special moments I guess.

What’s happening?

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2 thoughts on “Cliché, a little

  1. I need to be more like you in 2018 and just take secret trips by myself and stop waiting on people to join in. missed too many opportunities waiting on other people.


    1. I learned this when I realized that I didn’t need friend on my trips lol. People say they will but they don’t. I’ll be taking my first solo (semi) international trip in March 2018. Can’t wait for that experience! But just go and when you do, it won’t stop.


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