Enjoying the way this coconut oil feels on my skin. I am hydrating my skin by trying natural products because I’m back to healthier habits. And my skin is dry as hell due to this weather.
Thinking about… someone, but I’m not sure if I should call. I guess I’ll leave the idea in my thoughts.
Drinking a cup of tea. I am hungry, and the box of mac and cheese that I made isn’t doing me any justice because I barely ate it anyway. Waste of food.
Researching about indoor plants. I bought this gorgeous Easter Lily and I want to put her in a pot but not just any pot, I want to make sure that she still blooms. (Picture above) I’ll stop in my the local florist in Harlem and ask tomorrow. It’s almost my birthday so you know I am excited to receive flowers! 
Just finished mapping out my week of study. I’ll be sitting in the library some afternoons because going home may cause a distraction from my cousin or the kids upstairs.
Prepping for an interview next week. I think I put this one in the universe. I bought a suit, a new padfolio, and on Thursday morning I should be printing out my resume. I was able to do some prior research and I am hoping that I get this new opportunity. It would be an advancement in my career.

Anything new?

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