Day 22 of Honesty

One of the most challenging things that comes with life. I despise dating to the 10th power because honestly, I’m in a selfish place in my life. We all get to a selfish place in ours lives. Wether we want to accept it or not. If I have broken hearts, I apologize. Is this said with sincerity? Hell no. 
Fault me for my Honesty, I don’t care. This is just the accepting the truth phase in my life. 
When I meet anyone, I look for all that I had been through, what I’ve disliked, and what I’m willing to tolerate. By all means necessary, please do the same when analyzing me! We all have characteristics that we should dare to change. 
Sometimes we don’t want to accept this but we SHOULD. Take a step out of yourself and learn from who you are. It will show you a lot about the people you “date”. 

Day 22 of honesty, I am a reflection of the people I date. Sad but true. 

What have you Conquered today?

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