Day 16 of Honesty

Positive Energy,
Maybe it was an epiphany or my God allowing my blessings to be received. These conversations about aligning my universe don’t come often but when they do, I’m all ears.
My view about my world has been life altering. I’ve been positive. Out of all my ‘friends’ only one thinks I’m still ‘negative’. Why, because I’ve come to realize some people don’t grow the same time you do.
Before blaming the world, I find my faults in everything that I do. Before assuming, I find strategy if it were me. Before judging someone, I step back and judge myself because who the hell am I to judge.
I believe in grabbing any part of happiness you can find. If you want certain things, put it in the universe. Work on all that you think you can’t do. With everything, place positive energy in your life.
All those negative post, Instagram  memes, Facebook statues, and even the thoughts on things you may not agree with, drop all that bullshit.

Day 16 of Honesty.

What have you Conquered today?

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