Day 5 of Honesty

The Crisis,

It’s been the official QUARTER LIFE CRISIS as of April 11th. I made it to 25! No drama, no major setbacks except for my degree, and I enjoyed the start of my year. But there’s some missing factors that just keep nagging me like,
  • no relationship 
  • no husband
  • no baby
  • no apartment
  • still with my parents
  • my career is unsettling
  • I don’t have my degree
  • New York is too damn expensive.
Might I interject, The no relationship does not phase me because I can care less, neither does the husband part because its my family’s wedding not mine, and the baby I CAN WAIT! Only God knows when those events are to happen so I’m not pushing those particular subjects.
However, my family and their oh so traditional ways are pushing these subjects. All I know is that I am in limbo! I don’t like it. I want a lot and I’m just not sure where to begin. Everyone around my age, including my blogging idols are stressed with this damn year 25. I need a vacation!

Day 5 of Honesty, The Crisis, give me an epiphany or hurry to 26 because I’m tired of you!

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3 thoughts on “Day 5 of Honesty

  1. I'm not excited about the quarter-life crisis but I turned 23 this year and it is rapidly approaching lol. I feel like when it comes to life, we all have things that we want to change, parts that we want to fast forward, but I like to think as much as I can that all of this is necessary for our life paths. Try to think about the blessings vs the short comings. Believe you me, as I type this on the couch in the living room of my mother's house with no immediate plans of moving out, I can definitely relate to one or two of these nags (maybe 3 lol), but I know everything will happen in its right time, especially if I take steps to trying to get there.


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