Day 3 Of Honesty

Day 3 of Honesty
It took Steve Harvey’s “Think like a Man” book, for me to find understanding in a prolonged relationship that I knew wasn’t going anywhere. Although it was a teenage love that blossomed into adulthood, we weren’t going to be kids forever. We grew apart by year number two, but stayed with one another for respectively 6 years due to “time”. 
I’d pretty much known him through acquainted most of my life. Just didn’t know the little boy in the school yard would have a part of me at some point of my life. We dated my last year of high school. It was all about movies, milkshakes, long walks home, and good night kisses. But I always knew we wouldn’t last. 
We were two totally different people.  After all the time that has passed, I still can’t remember having anything in common with him. I won’t say, its a bad thing, but opposites attract I guess. 
We had many differences that had a lot to do with our upbringing. It defined us in a way that I couldn’t understand. His family influenced most of the decisions he made, it outlined our relationship because he didn’t yet know how to make his own, so I’d be in control of us, which I despised. I saw his potential before he did. It was hard to see past all of that, forcing him to view something he, himself couldn’t understand. I didn’t have much patience during this time. It was too much to handle so I left before it became the next daunting task that would develop in our relationship. I needed to find understanding in our relationship, what worked for me, didn’t work for him and vise versa. He didn’t know where he stood in his own life at that time and forcing him to see something that he had to learn, I didn’t understand.
I found understanding in that, I couldn’t make him the man I seen in him, the way I thought about things weren’t always fitting to the next person, and the regardless of the passion it doesn’t exist without strive. 
He had to learn how to love himself and so did I. Loving yourself is your journey to discovery. He wasn’t the man for me, and I wasn’t the woman for him. He’ll always be my cupcake. The breakup was hard, I had to let go of someone that I grew with but, that change was necessary for us to better ourselves at that time. I have no regrets, but I have learned a lot about what I wanted for myself. 

Day 3 of honesty, everyday I am gaining more understanding of others.

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