Male and Female Friendships…

Happy October Loves!

I’ve been on the move. Trying to change things in my life that are unnecessary to my health. Pretty much to sum that up, Things that shouldn’t be stressing me I’m throwing out the window. I’m ready to pack all that last season shit up!

Ok on to a more serious topic, Is there really an issue with Male and Female friendships? Yes, I have a male BFF. I don’t see an issue with it but everyone else has an opinion about it. I met him about 4 years ago through my brother. But we’ve grown to have a much closer relationship then him and my brother have. I share some of my secrets with him and so does he. We’re so cool that we can just lounge around the house. The issue is that everyone else feels like he is in-love with me. This I honestly don’t see. I know that in some cases the male and female relationship thing doesn’t always work out because I’ve had one male friend that asked me to marry him, one whom confessed his love to me, and another after many years actually wanted to be in a relationship with me. Yup, three different men, all in which I don’t see anything with, and maybe because I know TOO much.

I’m not too sure if I can date someone that I have conversations with about what he does with other woman and how he switches up woman all the time. And maybe because I’m just positively sure he’s not ready for a relationship is the reason he’s still playing around, but I’m not even sure I could trust him after knowing so much. And to make it clear he’s attractive, but not enough for me to look at him in that light I guess. We’re cool.

This question is coming from all of this,

  • My Mother, ” He’s in-love with you, but you don’t give him the time of day”
  • My Father, “Where’s your boyfriend?”
  • My older brother, “You’ll marry him one day”
  • My brother (his friend), “That’s your boo”
  • My Sister, “Where’s your husband?”
  • My friends, “You might not see it now but later on you’ll be with him”, “Girl, he’s secretly in-love with you”, “Tell your boyfriend I said Hi”

Ok seriously, Eww.. Is there really an issue with male and female friendships?

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3 thoughts on “Male and Female Friendships…

  1. My husband and I were close friends/best friends. Knowing his past did cause us to be off and on when we were younger but that's because I couldn't let the past go. The past is the past for a reason though so I learned that it didn't need to be all up in our 'now.' I can see what all the people around you say. I say that if you have feelings or feelings that you don't want to admit, then what they're sayin gis true but if not, then friendships like that work……until one of you gets in a deeply committed relationship. That's when male-female friendships naturally change.


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