Some days I randomly search the net just to expand my mind set. Today I found this. I felt like it needed to be shared only because I’m too familiar with this lifestyle. When your use to living one way you forget about the other circumstances that made you who you are. Although we plan, we’ll never know the future.

Everyday we see ghost. From dreams, to pictures, or the one thing that your memory reminded you that they loved.

Some of us have found our way out and vowed to make a difference. But what happens when change doesn’t come?

In the video above is, the very talented yet controversial Chi- town rapper Lupe Fiasco, interviewd by Sway Calloway of MTV for the show RAPFIX. Lupe is brought to tears as Sway plays an interview of the two when Lupe first started.

The tears were a result of all that hasn’t changed in his community. The friends that went to prison, and those whom are dead. It’s a scary reality and nothing says it better than seeing it play out just a few years later.

One day change will come.


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