Detach to Attach

In 30 days I’ll have much more to say but for now it’s my official last month of my 29th year of life. Can I tell you how excited I am to enter my 30s. I’ve been waiting my entire 20s because they were trash. I’ll expound on that later…… Continue reading “Detach to Attach”


IMG_2114When’s the last time you woke up filled with energy? Today was one of those day and I am praying that this strike of good energy continues throughout the rest of the month. Not that things have been bad, they’re really good, but energy is everything. Continue reading “Energy”

Growth: Alone, is not a thing anymore

Las Colinas, TX

It’s Friday night, and the only thing that excites me about Friday’s is coming home to lay in bed and watch YouTube. Tonight, is the first Friday night I actually don’t want to be alone. I’m currently in a stint of depression and I’m accepting as such, but what I’ve learned this year – with all the shit I’ve been through – Alone, is not a thing anymore. Continue reading “Growth: Alone, is not a thing anymore”