Currently: the weekEnd

I’m at double digits in the month without a post. Just to clarify, I’ve been meaning too but my mood and the universe are on two different waves.
These days are better. I’m working hard to end this semester strong but as the weather changes the temptation is prevalent.
For the leap year, I joined friends at Señor Frogs in Times Square, sang karaoke, won free shots, and went home to a fulfilling conversation with a great friend. That was a good night.
March started okay, it’s the other month with in my year for changes. This time it might be a career change. I’m currently researching a career advisor. The other thing is I’m tired of working for under qualified people who set rules that don’t make sense. I could be wrong but professionally, team work is the dream work. So much can get done when everyone is on the same page, but not under the administration that I’m working for. Last year this time, I was going through the same, and after I went to a convention is California, won’t say where for privacy concerns and not having permission to share this, I was given the opportunity to meet some amazing women, and that day changed my life, so anything that is happening is preparation for better, I’m sure of this.
Less than one month away from my 27th birthday! I so have a post about this age but wait on it April! I decided to actually request gifts because I never really get what I want. I am always thankful for the gifts that I’m gifted but I’m trying my luck this year. I created a wish list and will send it to everyone that I think will get me something for my birthday. It’s a fun idea. From tooth paste to art work. I’m a creative now! Hopefully, someone gets me the massage package that I requested, I am in need of human touch. I’ve also been stalling time to purchase my ticket to Jamaica. I decided to go the cheaper route. We have a home in Jamaica and I haven’t been there since 2008. Cuts the cost of hotel prices. I’m getting over a fear and dealing with emotions that I secretly try to cope with. I have shared to a few it’s the reason why I decided to go to Jamaica but it needs to be dealt with. I’ll share this later as well.
I’m ready for the weekend to come again. March weekends are full with all kinds of events but I need a staycation. This weekend, I went to two day parties and danced til’ my feet hurt. Spent sums of money that I needed to deposit into my savings account, and fought fraud with Uber because someone in China used my account! But this was a well needed weekend. 

What’s been going on?

What have you Conquered today?

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