They can be Worst

Today was one of those days. I wanted to wake up and cry myself back to sleep out of frustration. When things are at a standstill, my body starts to hurt, my neck feels like it is on fire, and the muscles in my face are so tense that it hurts.  Calling all my friends this morning for reassurance didn’t help because no one responded.

I wanted to call out of work (currently typing this from my desk), because this job officially frustrates me to the 1st degree. The non-stop disrespect from my supervisor is testing my patience as the days continue to roll into months of chaos. My new year usually starts the same, I want change, I come up with all types of plans, and I try to follow through. Some don’t work out, and others do.  We all have trials and tribulations. But none the less, I saw something that changed my mind about my frustration.

I sat on the train in route to work and noticed when a woman boarded the train with her two children, one an infant and the other about 7 or 8 years old. She made sure that their jackets were secure to keep them warm because today is 20 something degree weather, while she seemed to be freezing in a small jacket and a hooded sweater. She gave her daughter a bottle, and her son laid his head on her lap. She smiled and made faces with her daughter and kept rubbing her sons face as he slept. She woke her son up and I notice she felt his face for a possible fever and rested his face back on her lap. What I noticed was her touch.

Her touch was calming, secure, and gentle.  Her children adored her.

She showed no signs of frustration or stress. Who’s to say that she doesn’t have some troubles in life? What I took from her this morning was that, I have people in my corner who are offering the same touch. It may not always be physically, but I can feel it in any form it is given.  I have love, support and wisdom from my friends, my family will always stress me out but they’ll always cheer me on, and I met a guy who is absolutely amazing.

How can I be so selfish in my thinking? Today I’m reminded that things will get better because they can be worst.

What have you Conquered today?

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