So Let’s Talk

I had the best Saturday in a few weeks. We all need a little love sometimes and the energy of the day was well received. The day was full of laughter, old stories, and letting out the deep thoughts. From family, life, love, and all the in-betweens. Genuine friendships are good for that.
Originally, the plan was to stop by the jeweler, pick up some dinner, then buy some flowers, and head back home.

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So, Let’s talk

I don’t have cable but I do own an Apple TV. If I care to watch anything, it’s usually YouTube. I don’t share much about my YouTube obsession but I’ll let you in on what I watch; family vlogs, pregnancy updates (no, not pregnant just always curious), hair/make-up (hair more than make-up), and lately I’m into UK vloggers.

What I did notice about UK vloggers is that their food options seem much healthier. Yes, Western Culture loves to supersize shit, but we don’t have to always eat supersized. I had this conversation with someone some weeks ago about serving sizes and it’s disgusting. Are the any size $1 soft drink at McDonald’s really worth it?  Nah. The sweet tea is sometimes heavenly on the warmest of days but you can opt for a better option at home. It does take time and patience to start meal prepping and stuff but it can be done.
I can list right now all the fatty food that I eat in rotation or when I force myself to treat myself to one of these items that my body doesn’t need, I say this to say, I’m not the healthiest but once a day we can choose to eat a little better.

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