Cliché, a little

This post started at 12:37 pm, on the 5 train, two stops away from my destination.

The problem with October and actually posting was making time for it.  Continue reading “Cliché, a little”


I don’t own J’s

If you can figure out where I was in the photo above, shout out to you, but I’m not telling. Yes, one of my secret trips that I refuse to talk much about because it’s either a good one or a bad one. This last trip was good until _______________, happy I went though. The weather was great, the food was decent, the company is always amazing, but reality finds it way in every time.
The first week of my return, I was in my feelings. I didn’t make my bed, I had a pile of trash in my kitchen, I didn’t open the blinds, and nearly killed one of my plants that almost dried up. Once I realized this, I got up and got my shit together. Feel what you need to feel but NEVER stay “there” for long.
In this lesson, I learned another reason why I love plants. There’s something about keeping my plants alive that reminds that in life, everythingneeds watering and time to grow.
I’m gearing up for the summer, I’ll have so much free time that it’s scary. I’ll be reading a lot of books and hopefully traveling. I may attend a wedding in California this July or randomly go to another city/state on my list (ATL, Texas, New Orleans, Cali) of options.
I’m working on a minimalism post. I found myself becoming very minimal since living in my current apartment and I’m excited to share my transition in a few weeks to come.

One more random day trip to close out April in a few days, here comes MAY, it will be a good one!

Hotels make me tired

It’s the ending of the semester and I’m stressed. I’m stressed because of a course  that I’m not fond of. Why? Because it doesn’t interest me, it was completely my choice to take so I shouldn’t be so upset about it, and I need the credits.

I’m a few days shy of my 28th birthday. Although I’m not celebrating, my college gave me a travel award and a two night stay in Albany, NY to attend a wellness conference. I took it and decided to call it a celebration. Instead of utilizing the time to do the activities at the conference, my body went into shut down. I slept like a baby for most of the first day. I needed the sleep since the last couple of weeks my sleep pattern had been off. But there’s something about a night in a hotel that changes everything. 

While I waited to call a taxi so I can transport out of Albany back to New York City, I’m had this awful garden salad, with all kinds of extra shit, and some of the vegetables were old. 

As I gear up for the upcoming birthday, I thinking about all the post I’d like to get in this month. I’ve been working on my Minimalist post, my journey to minimalism. Just something to share in my twenty something years I guess. 
How do you feel about hotels and what’s on the agenda for April?

Chicago: Not in Pictures

Life has been good.
I have God, I have food, I have a home, and I have a job.
BUT, I needed a reset.
So, I jumped online and started to search around for flight prices. I contemplated Atlanta because my friend that I’ve been trying to visit all summer of 2016 is there, but Atlanta didn’t quite make it for me. I considered Cincinnati because I was trying to move to Ohio at some point last year but that didn’t quite make the cut either. Hmmm, Chicago? At under $200 round trip and a hotel for about the same price, under $400 for a mini trip, I’m gamed. Usually, I hear the warmer weather option choice but I wanted to experience the windy city COLD. It’s unusual because I’m not fond of the cold and I’m a New York City resident, so I should be use to it already, right? Nah.
I barely told anyone because I wanted to do this on my own and people would invite themselves on my trip, which happened once people found out I wasn’t in New York. I packed my cute blue duffle by Wednesday, so I was prepped to leave first thing Friday morning, but due to a little bit of snow, my flight was canceled. Stressed as all hell, I contacted Delta and my hotel to make arrangements to extend my trip. All went well and I was on time for departure Saturday morning.
Okay, I’ll make this simple, It’s a very clean and pretty city, lots of steak restaurants or whatever (Issa Voice), BUT I wouldn’t visit again. Only if I marry someone who has family in Chicago or for business. I don’t mean to disrespect anyone’s city, but we all have opinions.

So yeah, that’s my February so far. 
Have you visited Chicago, if so what did you like or dislike about the windy city?

Currently: The WeekEnd

With all the drastic unplanned yet unmentioned things that have happened within the month, I want nothing more than to run away. There are things I can control and others I cannot. So I’m trying to limit the stress levels by accepting the things that I cannot control. Baby steps.
I’m typing this while sitting at a window seat on the Amtrak returning to Penn Station feeling melancholy about my return home. This is nothing new, whenever I’m returning home after traveling, I feel the same. But what I’ve learned in just a few hours is that, giving yourself space and exposure is necessary.
I attended a conference this weekend that I chose to participate in. I met a lot of amazing people, learned some new skills, shared my world a little, and slept like a baby in the king size bed that was reserved for me!
What I took away from the weekend:
Take a train ride, its amazing!
Put yourself out there!
No one knows your story but you, you’ll win and you’ll lose, but its YOUR Story. You define your success.
Live your truth!
Choose to be happy!

This was a good weekend. How was your weekend?


For months I delayed purchasing my ticket to go to Jamaica because I had much more important things I could do with the money. But as the time got closer, my mind needed a reset. Vacation always puts me in reset mode. I was nervous about the whole thing because I had not been there in almost 8 years. The last time, I was burying family. Jamaica was like that for me between the years of 2006 to 2008. I no longer wanted to go back to the place my parents call home because it was always a funeral. The thought of Jamaica made me cringe. However, this year, I wanted to get over my fear of going back. Apart of that fear was burying my grandmother in 2007. I loved her dearly. And every time I’d arrive and leave Jamaica, we would always pass where she was laid to rest. I remember the last time I was there in 2008 and how I could not breathe as we drove closer to the cemetery. It was something I no longer wanted to experience. But I needed to visit her and say hello because I was unsure if I’d have the time again or if I had finally outgrown that fear. Lets just say, seeing her again, healed me. I had experience a lot over the year and needed this more than I thought. I wasn’t able to say good bye again but I got to say hello. It started my trip on a good note, kinda.

I went back home to my father’s parish in Jamaica. The beautiful parish of Portland. It’s natural beauty is one to see. I never seen the beauty until this visit. Above from left to right, I wrote year 27 in the sand at Frenchmen’s Cove beach, below is the Trident castle (I dare you to google this and look at the wedding packages, its a dream! Maybe mister right might agree to those prices), the Blue lagoon is 65 feet deep and he had to drag my ass out that water, and below I enjoyed the swing at Frenchmen’s cove beach that was connected to a small river. 

Here from left to right, was our tour guide as we rafted around the Blue lagoon, the day we stopped by a local beach and I needed this photo to remind me that New York beaches are filthy because in JA I could see my toes!, and I went to a resort on my birthday and enjoyed the all inclusive amenities in Ocho Rios.

The top photo, I took as we were driving to Ocho Rios, below, from left to right, I was sitting on the veranda enjoying a cup of tea at 6:00 AM as it lightly rained as it does in Portland, my two friends who came to experience this trip with me, and right before I turned 27 years old on April 11th, I went into the town at a karaoke lounge with my friends and were talking to those guys across the street. 
What I did learn on this trip was that I am patient. Things that would cause me internal strife and anxiety, didn’t really occur on this trip like I assumed. Some problems happened being that I stayed at my house, but I took it well. The trip was fun but this may be my official last girls get away. Well, there’s is the bachelorette getaway coming next year for my best friend, but I’ll be set up in a different way so I don’t have to deal with any form of drama, like on other girls trips in prior years. I’m currently working on a baeaction! Jamaica is romantic. I met a couple from Brooklyn that were staying at a treehouse by the Blue Lagoon. I was jealous, I won’t lie. So I’m working on it. I’d like to go on another romantic getaway. Its fun. After this trip, I will be returning to Jamaica. I’ll attempt at making it a once a year trip but I usually only go away once a year because I’m adulting and I have somethings to take care of for my future that I am currently putting together. 
My heart is getting what it wanted, as I addressed in my Transitional Phase post. I went for a second round interview that I was praying for. School is coming together. I’m transitioning into my career very well. All the previous jobs have aligned this year which makes me happy. And I feel good. I have some amazing people in my life. I’m excited about some of the opportunities that are coming my way. I’ve been healing from all the disappointment I was facing last year. I’m proud of where I am. I’m allowing time to happen.  
Toast to an amazing start, #year27


It’s the fourth day in April. Which means I am 7 days away from my arrival to earth. I was born this month. Another opportunity to start the “new year”. But no big changes really. I’m sticking to the original script.
Today is gloomy and raining. This weather calls for a good cup of tea, a foot rub, a good movie, and well other adult things. But instead, I’ll do my home work and get in bed early. My body is trying to recover from my simple weekend. I feel like I’ve been lifting weights, my entire body feels sore. Rest is always good.
Pertaining to work, I’m at a new site, and I am not doing anything at the moment. I’m bored. It’s so bad that I created a Snap chat account, I’m looking at social media all day to entertain myself, and my phone is dying every few hours. I know the work load will start on Thursday but I need to do something now.
April will have two mini getaways that I am excited about.
First, Jamaica. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there. Last I went was for a funeral and I couldn’t bother to return again. For many years that was the purpose of my trips to Jamaica. Burying my loved one. This year I need to get over my fear. When my maternal grandmother passed away, apart of my world vanished. I was only able to see her for about a good three minutes before they laid her to rest. The last time I visited, anxiety was an understatement when I had to drive past her resting space. I didn’t get out the car, I couldn’t handle it. So this year, and now that some time has passed, I’m going to say hello, tears and all.
My second trip, well it’s undecided. I am positive that when I return from Jamaica, that I’ll want to get away again. I’m doing this trip alone. It won’t be far. Maybe jump on the Amtrak and go to DC. I’ve been meaning to go for a long time now. I’ll look up an Airbnb and see if I like that option or, get a nice hotel and do room service. If that doesn’t work out, staycation it is. Hotel in the city sounds cool too.
I hope I can get some reading done during this month. I finished Jojo Myers, You Before Me, and let’s just say that I am completely in my feelings. I cried after I finished that book. What a perfect way to resurface feelings? Well it will be in theaters in June, so I’ll be crying again. If your into love novels and believing that your partner should bring the best out in you, please read this book.
Anything exciting happening in April?