On a Friday night

It’s 9:00 pm on a Friday night. I’m home, bored. Not watching TV or listening to music. I think I’m moody because I’m hungry/tired, but I don’t know how to go to sleep anymore. I have loads of work to do but not tonight. Feelings, Feelings, Feelings.
Anyway, Hi.
I’m stopping by to say Hi because that’s all I can offer is a Hello of some sorts. I’m busier than I assumed since the year started and I ain’t mad about it. Busy is a good thing, sometimes.
Catch me by next week, February I’ll have something’s to say, I’m sure.

Hi, Bye, See you soon.

Just Because,

This is nothing new. I usually always buy flowers for myself just because. It’s the simple things you should always treat yourself to. All day I’ve been asked, who bought you flowers? I like flowers so I buy them for myself. It’s as if they should always be gifted and I think only two men have given me flowers in my life, damn shame, so I’m not waiting on that, but it’s always a nice gesture. If gifted, flowers should be given with love, they live longer, trust me, I know.
Plants bring me fortitude. Through the madness lately, it’s amazing and worth keeping alive. I must have a patio or deck with a backyard so I can have a garden, whenever I do purchase a home.
Before making a very crucial decision today, I stopped at a vendor at the Bowling Green station in downtown Manhattan, purchased these pretty Dahlias. After consulting with my mother, which I do not normally do, making a very crucial decision, glad that I purchased these flowers to bring me solitude. This is a temporary fix but for now it works.
I’ll make a cup of tea or warm almond milk, take a hot shower, light a candle, turn my do not disturb on even though my hot line has not blinged since May, and pray before I sleep tonight. I think I’m closer to the “want” I’ve been praying for.

Today was a good day, I hope.


Time | 10:06 AM
Location | Work, hardly working, but will get a lot done today at around 3:00 PM (no judgment)
Eating | Yogurt, crackers and cheese for Breakfast, no I am not on a diet, just find this to be a convenient meal option, that is all.
Listening | Color Full Lives Podcast: #Blessed and Unbothered; This episode is about relationships. I listen to various podcast from entrepreneurship, business, finance, wellness, and entertainment. However, this episode was right on time, informative, and very fun to listen to.
Reading | New York Times opinion column
Thinking | About my recent choices, some I’m very proud of, and others I’m trying to figure out. What I must say is that I need to forgive myself for the ones that damage me. Damage is sometimes necessary.

Planning | Finances. I am trying to be in a certain position within the next couple of months because I am so serious about moving. When I came back home from my secret getaway, I was sad. I love New York but I am ready to experience something new. I’m prepping myself right now for the change. Sometimes I eat dinner alone and go to places I never been alone, so when I move across the country to a place I know no one, I can do the same and attempt to adjust. It’s a start.

What are you up to?