Hello May

Hello May! 
For personal reasons, I’m ready for you to end.  
I ended April by taking a random day trip to Maryland for business/family visit. I seen my niece for the first time and lets just say that we’re best FRIENDS! Leaving New York City is teaching me everyday that living here is not forever but will always be home. I’ve been super planning since my return. Let’s just say I’m aiming for Summer 2018 to move my life, it’s time.
Now that school is “almost over”, I am able to do some well needed research on self care and wellness. I’ve read somewhere that it is normal to need human touch and I sure did get a Swedish massage this morning because it’s the closest thing I’ll get to human touch for awhile. Lordt knows I needth that massage!
I deactivated my personal social media accounts to give myself a well deserved break. I need to focus and I hate to be distracted. I’ll admit, the lying on social media sometimes gets me, at times I think that I missing out or messing up. Taking this break is teaching me again to TRUST GOD’s TIMING.
Seeking another domestic location to see. If I back track, ATL, NOLA, TEXAS, and The BAY are on the list. Maybe ATL in June and The Bay in July, Texas in August, and NOLA in September, it’s an idea, we’ll see.

New post coming soon, any plans for May?

On a Friday night

It’s 9:00 pm on a Friday night. I’m home, bored. Not watching TV or listening to music. I think I’m moody because I’m hungry/tired, but I don’t know how to go to sleep anymore. I have loads of work to do but not tonight. Feelings, Feelings, Feelings.
Anyway, Hi.
I’m stopping by to say Hi because that’s all I can offer is a Hello of some sorts. I’m busier than I assumed since the year started and I ain’t mad about it. Busy is a good thing, sometimes.
Catch me by next week, February I’ll have something’s to say, I’m sure.

Hi, Bye, See you soon.

Just Because,

This is nothing new. I usually always buy flowers for myself just because. It’s the simple things you should always treat yourself to. All day I’ve been asked, who bought you flowers? I like flowers so I buy them for myself. It’s as if they should always be gifted and I think only two men have given me flowers in my life, damn shame, so I’m not waiting on that, but it’s always a nice gesture. If gifted, flowers should be given with love, they live longer, trust me, I know.
Plants bring me fortitude. Through the madness lately, it’s amazing and worth keeping alive. I must have a patio or deck with a backyard so I can have a garden, whenever I do purchase a home.
Before making a very crucial decision today, I stopped at a vendor at the Bowling Green station in downtown Manhattan, purchased these pretty Dahlias. After consulting with my mother, which I do not normally do, making a very crucial decision, glad that I purchased these flowers to bring me solitude. This is a temporary fix but for now it works.
I’ll make a cup of tea or warm almond milk, take a hot shower, light a candle, turn my do not disturb on even though my hot line has not blinged since May, and pray before I sleep tonight. I think I’m closer to the “want” I’ve been praying for.

Today was a good day, I hope.