I have so much to say but unfortunately, I cannot find the words. My emotions are on high, I’ve been drowning in my feelings all week, and I’m not sure how to just feel this shit out.

This has been one of the hardest task of my life and here I am finally done. I will not go on and on but when I’m in the space to say more, I will.

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To tell the truth,

It’s a gloomy morning. Awkwardly the New York City air smells and reminds of the sea, this is the closest it has felt to springs since spring, the bird are singing and I so badly wanted to know what they were happy about because I wanted to be happy to.  Continue reading “To tell the truth,”

Dear Diary,


After reading old post from the last couple of years, my last quarter of the year will always be challenging. I think I came on here today to rant about everything that I am currently going through. Honestly, it’s not that deep because things can be worst and life isn’t so bad. I’m a sucker for change and I’m ready for something new. I had not been able to admit that until now. It’s Saturday night and I’m home watching YouTube and typing this because parties aren’t my thing, my love life is still dry, I don’t entertain anyone, my work week starts tomorrow, and I switched up my apartment for the season so I enjoy being home anyway. However, I do have a few things to release; Continue reading “Dear Diary,”

Hair Update: I’m not a Hair Blogger


If you know me, you know I LOVE MY HAIR! Especially when it’s just done, like FRESH out the Salon done! It makes me feel like a whole new or different woman each time but it’s been a while since I’ve been to a hair salon because I’m transitioning to natural.


I think my last relaxer was right before I went to California in 2015.  Let’s start by saying that this might be the second hardest thing to maintain. What I’m learning about natural hair is that it is a scheduled and very detailed process.


So here’s the update:

Continue reading “Hair Update: I’m not a Hair Blogger”