Learn From a Failed Relationship

Rather than saying I’m private about my past relationship, I’ve learned that keeping most business between us is what kind of kept us together aside from truly realizing how embarrassing it was to actually discuss our problems.Our main issue was honestly communication.When I needed that vent moment I sometimes felt communication shouldn’t have been an argument being that communication was something I was big on but not him. I am not a perfect person and neither was he. Through it all I learned many things about myself and who I was with him and who he was with me. Nothing was ever easy but it took a lot of compromising for us to be together for 5 years but it didn’t last. I must say I have learned a few things, some of which I lacked and others I was great in. Just to name a few that should be a reminder once being in love has passed,

Make Him Feel Like a Man, see you can look at this anyway you want to but the issue with this statement is that independent women don’t know when to NEED. Its okay to let him handle the check. As simple as that. Smile even if his attempt of romance was going to a game of his favorite sports team. You can’t say it wasn’t quality time. But it makes him feel like he’s done something great for you. An I love you, Thank you, or I appreciate you, goes along way for his Ego.
Support Him Always, yes always. Better said as let him learn. Although you know the choice that he just made is going to turn around and bite him in the ass, allow it to happen. Yes you can have your feedback but when the “I told you so” moment happens then you can smile. But remember to be proud of his attempts. Its better than a man that’s not trying to do anything.Woman are particle creatures. Were always planning. So allow him to try new things maybe his ideas may fit into the your plans.

Keep it Fresh, from work, to school, to homework, to the children, then dinner and The Braxtons at Thursday nights, it can be overwhelming. Clearly understood. But a little love can’t hurt. Call your kid sister and pay her to keep the kids after school, get some rose petals, run the bath water, light the candles, and have a Chinese menu on hand to avoid cooking. Yes you need your stress relieved too. Just by doing, you’ve just taught him a good idea that you’ll support (as said above) when he’s trying to be on your good side. 
Don’t Wait to Discuss it, This couldn’t be anymore simple then said. But some people are a bottle of emotion. I am honestly but this was something that I learned in the beginning. If i don’t like it I’m saying it. I surely won’t respond OKAY to shut you up. It feels much better to get it out and it’s just easier to get over. They do say never go to bed upset, right?
Love Yourself Always, Even though he’s the air you breathe, never forget that if there is an after him, that your still breathing. Don’t forget you bleed the same color blood. You need to know when to say no, yes, or maybe. If your unsatisfied with your situation, you have all right to compromise or leave. Some relationships aren’t healthy. It may not be about abuse or violence, when its right you will know. Just know your worth more.

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8 thoughts on “Learn From a Failed Relationship”

  1. Thank you so much for your comment, and just to clarify I've been talking to that guy for over a year, maybe that's the reason lol. BTW why am I just know finding your blog it's awesome. Especially this post I may have to suck it up and discuss my little issue like you said.

    Kimberly Love


  2. No problem! I understood your confusion. Time makes up of our decisions in a relationship. So that year means alot! Talk to him and see where his mind is.. If anything should hurt will be rejection but it will be out the way. Glad this was helpful!


  3. Yes.Yes.Yes. All of the above. As a married woman those are all of the things that one can still struggle with in marriage. Women have had to hold down so much that it has become hard for us to step back and let a man be a man. I will admit at times I stroke my man's ego just so he can feel like he is in charge. Men and women are so different but the majority of the issues come from women being so overpowering and not knowing when to back down.

    Great post! Great to see you back here 🙂


  4. Hey MIMI!!! Thanks!! I've been gone for awhile.. going thru somethings but I'm here! And thanks for sharing that. I'm still a single girl but my parents being together for 26 years has showed me alot! Atleast if a woman is honest about her ways, her significant may be willing to help emprove her ways.


  5. These are amazing tips. I am a firm believer of all of these things.

    In regards to your “number 1” tip, I realized not long ago that many women actually feel the best way to keep a man is to KEEP him down. So along with a potential mama's boy, you have those men that were tried and tried again by women who are insecure and have a nasty mouth. So when it comes to making a man feel like a man, nowadays it's almost like you have to rebuild him first.

    Thanks for sharing!


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