See I’ve been trying to ignore even talking about this show but DAMN. I feel like this shit is scripted but then again I don’t even know. These woman are a trip. I would love to know what the rest of the world thinks about this show because I’m trying to understand as best as I can.

But I will say this much, Joseline is a hot ass mess, Mimi is a fool, K Michele is hilarious, Karyl Rae needs a kick, Rasheeda needs not to mix business with pleasure, and Erica, needs to drop Scrappy on his head.

Erica’s situation is the only one that doesn’t seem as scripted as the rest of the show. Scrappy’s momma is ridiculous. Having been through a similar situation, when family gets involved in your relationship, She needs to step off. And he also needs to separate his mother from the family has with  family Erica. When your an outsider you never know how things really are. But she deserves better.

Anyway… wipes sweat.. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Hmph……………………!!!”

  1. I try my best not to watch shows like this because the portray women in a negative light and I hate seeing grown women acting a fool on television. But I'm not about to get on a soapbox.. today.

    I saw bits and pieces of this show and I can't say that I was surprised and everything was pretty predictable. I can say, however, that I had a lot of questions about Joseline that I actually googled to find the answers. LOL. I couldn't tell if she was just illiterate or had a very heavy accent. Google confirmed that it was just a mixture of both! LOL!


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