It is Necessary?

As the media goes on to expose every celebrities life, Robert Kardashian’s ex-wives report to the Star Magazine that Khole Kardashian isn’t his daughter.

OK, pump the breaks, stop, now blink twice, and get ready for it!

Who the hell told these two heffa’s that they could even tell something like that. Where the hell is the respect to your DEAD ex-husband?  And how dare you even expose something like that if the allegations are true?

Although Kris Jenner, momma Kardashian, basically told something of that nature in her just recently released book, but let her tell it. Not these two timing disrespectful skeezers. I’m hurt for Khole because her whole life she had to deal with this issue. She was always the difference at home. How could you do such a thing?

She’s my favorite Kardashian and yes I said Kardashian! Is it necessary?

One thought on “It is Necessary?”

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