What’s in your purse?

Hey loves!!!! I’ve been sooooo gone! I apologize but work has been more then hectic! But I have to make a living some way. But its Purse Party Friday!!!!!! Get with it ladies its fun, one of my favorite blogs in her shoes is hosting it with some of her girls check it out.

This is my purse ladies…. Donney 

 Iphone wire| Headphones| Bath and Body Works country chic spray| Eucerin hand lotion| C.O.Bigelow Mint Lipgloss| Bath and Body works Coconut Hand sanitizer| My phone| Bluetooth| Dove Deodorant| Maybelline mascara| Band-aids| Maybelline Eyestudio| A stack of business cards| My job keys| My big money ticket I’ll win tonight lol| My wallet| and an umbrella| 
What’s in your purse ladies?

8 thoughts on “What’s in your purse?”

  1. hahaha glad that you carry band aids, too, and your iphone cord. every time i pull it out of my purse it makes me feel like a magician! it doesn't help that i had those beads in my purse this week! LOL thanks for joining!


  2. That purse is a magic bag! Lol it looks small, but can hold so much! Let me try and squeeze a MINI umbrella in mine LOL bursting at the seams I am sure 😀 Love your stuff


  3. ah! I love Bath & Body Works Country Chic too!! and that's so awesome that you actually carry an umbrella with you! that's what samart people do (not me!) I always need one and it's in my car. Well, that's no good now is it? lol
    Great post! Thank you for sharing!



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