Let’s Talk….

Youngest Execution is US history in the 20th CenturyWhile at work today, I happen to open up my Facebook application, something I usually only do on my bus ride on the morning commute. Browsing through my update feed, I noticed the BaisdenLive fan page and yes I’ve been a big fan of Micheal Baisden fan ever since I read “The Maintenance Man” ( my over interested mind); he posted a story about the youngest execution in US history. He was 14 years old and accused of murdering two little girls. No evidence, no lawyer as protected proof, in a matter of hours he was in an electric chair.
I’m scared of future education of our children. What else aren’t we getting education on? I’m in my early 20s and I’m just learning of this. Yes I know about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks. But these children don’t know about the “Four little girls”, Wharlest Jackson Jr, or Lois Allen. After stories like these that I have come upon my children will know, Us as blacks have come a long way so don’t ever believe you have it easy because even after 1964 “Civil Rights Act”, Troy Davis was executed on September 21, 2011.


What have you Conquered today?

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